Italian Inspiration springs to life.

Lilou Italy was conceived from a vision of its founder, Brenda Lois Turrisi, an artist who has spent a lifetime traveling the world creating a collection of paintings entitled “Voyage” which allowed her to immortalize the details and colors that characterized the places of her sojourns.


Brenda’s ultimate inspiration came from one of the most famous and artistic cities in the world. Rome. This is where the artist fell in love with the various architectural styles and materials seen in the pools, baths, and fountains that were the showcases of the great Roman Emperors’ luxury retreats that can be found in the picturesque landscape surrounding the eternal city of Rome.


And this is where a new form of artistic creation was conceived with the principal theme, “Water Jewels”, as the prevailing vision of the company.


Italy, land of art, fashion and craftsmanship is the pulsating heart of Lilou Italy, thanks to her Italian family's expertise in the jewelry sector. Together with her nephew Giuseppe Turrisi, a Master Goldsmith who continues his family's legacy in the jewelry sector in Valenza, Brenda’s exclusive  “Water Jewel” collections came to life and Lilou Italy was officially established.