When Carbon met Fiber... Elègance evolved.

Always keeping up with the latest technology and innovation, IWG-Lilou introduced the evolution of their galley faucet " Elègance". It was the most natural transition when one thinks about the commonality of the two distinguishing materials used their latest creation. Carbon. In it's natural state it is the stuff in which diamonds are formed... in it's innovative state comes the extremely durable and lightweight medium we call carbon fiber.

"It's always been about the artful combination of traditional craftsmanship and materials with todays substrates and technology" says IWG-Lilou designer, Brenda Lois. "And this is just a peek into where this is taking us when it comes to VVIP Cabin Accessories". So stay tuned for some more unexpected elements coming up Spring 2020 at Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg Germany.

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