IWG tours Italian facility

"It is quite evident that you all have passion for what you

do, and put that passion into creating exceptional, high-quality, faucets."

Steven Bis - President IWG


Following the Farnborough International Airshow in the UK, IWG President, Steven Bis together with Director of Sales and Marketing, Giles Lapierre continued on to Italy for a tour of the Giulini G. faucet manufacturing facility. Giulini G. is the supplier for IWG-Lilou's luxury faucets as well as IWG- Giulini G. family of high quality faucets which are aircraft certified and designed for easy installation.

Located in the heart of Novara, Italy, the Giulini family has been producing high quality faucets for three generations. Welcoming IWG with the warm hospitality Italians are known for, the Lilou and Giulini families both invited IWG into a culture where passion and hard work go hand in hand and the real Made in Italy products are synonymous with high quality, design and functionality.

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