NBAA BACE 2016 - Orlando, Florida

Lilou together with GAL Aerospace.

Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition November 1-3, 2016

Lilou of Italy's debute of their "Water Jewel" Collection at the NBAA was a great success. Introducing

their bejeweled creations to the major OEM's, Completion centers and Aircraft Interior Designers, Lilou's Hand crafted "Water Jewels" and accessories received a high level of interest within the Aerospace community.

Lilou's Vice President of Sales, Chanel Lapierre, in preparation for the NBAA Conference.

Lilou Designer, Brenda Lois, inspired!

Lilou's Master Goldsmith, Giuseppe T. enjoying the Static Display.

Introducing a new line of Accessories which Lloyds of London defines as "Fine Art".

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