Research & Design

Lilou maintains a strong focus on research, design and experimentation along with close collaboration from various specialized sectors offering their clients solutions to their unique requirements. 


Avant-guard machining and prototyping processes along with traditional manual tooling by skilled workers allows Lilou to create truly exclusive products of precision, quality and excellence. 

Goldsmith & Gemsetting

The extensive time invested into each object is apparent by the meticulous precision which can be noted in the tiniest details showing off the skills and experience of our master craftsmen.


Using  fine abrasive compounds to smooth the metal, the surface material is prepared for the buffing process.  Jewelers rouge is then pressed on to the buffing wheel bringing out the maximum luster and a mirror like finish. 


Lilou The galvanizing process, sometimes know as gold plating or electroplating, allows Lilou to offer a variety of finishes including gold, palladium and rhodium.

Quality Control

The strictest Quality Control measures are carried out  throughout each stage of the manufacturing process guaranteeing exclusive Italian excellence  in every “Water Jewel” created.

      Workforce and Production  


Lilou Italy LLC produces their “Water Jewels” and accessories through an established network of exclusive Italian partners.


Each product is designed following rigorous steps to ensure the highest quality and excellence.


Two techniques that blend, jewel crafting and metal processing form the uniqueness and the know-how of the company.


Thanks to the production strategy through the method of Group Technology and a system of Engineered To Order (ETO) and Made To Order (MTO) the company has a methodology of high precision with constant research and technological development.


The company boasts a workforce network composed of 45 craftsmen of different fields of work.


The production process of a single object created by Lilou

follows 25 steps exclusively carried out by Italian artisans.