Petit Bijoux Collection
The Petit Bijoux is a collection of intricately designed “Water Jewels” for small, elite and weight conscious environments.

Aircraft Certified

Mid-size, narrow and wide body aircraft 

1st class commercial airlines

Gaia Collection

A traditional style of setting, the Gypsy setting is where the crown of the gem is the only part exposed and the table of the gemstone is almost level with the surrounding metal.


Gypsy Setting

Dynamism and sinuosity are the stylistic characteristics of the Gaia. Highlighted with sparkling Swarovski gemstones hand-set in 24Kt. Gold plate using one of the most secure types of gem-setting techniques, the Gypsy setting. 

Nerio Collection

The Nerio is Lilou's twist of the The “Curlicue” motif that was very prominent in ancient Roman architecture and design. A timeless reminder of the great Empire that once created the aqueducts that are still running with water today.

Prong Setting

Prong Setting is the most common and popular type of setting, where the gemstone or diamond is placed within a slim metal cradle, which is meant to house the gemstone's culet (its lower half), and is held in place with small and slim metal prongs, or claws, which grip the gemstone's girdle (its sides). 

Calè Collection

A voyage into a wondrous world of gemstones with  a vast spectrum shapes and colors.

Light splendidly reflects off the brilliant gemstones of different shapes and colours as a magnificent example of the Italian craftsman's opera d'arte. The Calè is truly the work of a Master who uses one of the earliest methods of gem setting to create an actual jewel for living. 

Bezel Setting

This antique setting features a thin band of metal completely surrounding the gem along its circumference. The Bezel setting offers superior protection from chipping.