Extremely Luxurious Faucets and Cabin Accessories

Handcrafted by Italian 


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Another accomplishment of Lilou's "One of a kind" creations. The arabesque theme is noted in detailed metal work and reflected in the delicate engraved designs filled with enamel. The piece is crowned with a  black onyx in a cabochon setting. 


An inspiring collection of unique "Water Jewels" 
Narrow and Wide body aircraft

Flying Palace Collection

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Galley Faucet


A perfect combination of timeless style and functionality, the Elègance Galley faucet adds a stately look to any cabin ambiance.



Expert craftsmanship pays homage to the ancient Olympia games with an assortment of embellished rings set with fiery  gemstones.

Balneae Collection

"Petit Bijoux"

Petit Bijoux Collection



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Guilloche is a decorative engraving technique that uses special lathes. Guided manually, these machines draw a precise, intricate, repeated pattern on the metal surface. 

An elegant solution for surfaces where bothersome micro- scratches often appear.

VVIP Cabin Accessories

Handcrafted by Italian 


Thanks to the exceptionally diverse techniques and savoir-faire of our talented jewellers and craftsmen, our creations offer a touch of refinement to objects often overlooked.

Cabin Jewels

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Lilou is officially endorsed by SIAM1838, the historic Italian Institution of Art’s and Crafting who recently quoted Lilou as ”One of the most qualified small businesses today producing extraordinary objects of art in the Italian jewelry sector”.



Lilou is a family owned company with over 100 years of combined experience in the crafting of high end Italian jewelry in Valenza Pò, Italy, manufacturing epicenter of the finest  Jewelry Houses in Europe today. 


With an avant-garde approach to research and design fused with the traditional discipline of jewelery crafting we are able to create exclusively personalised bejewelled faucets and accessories in the most unexpected forms and designs.


Lilou's personalized works of art are as unique as the materials in which they are crafted. From 24Kt gold or platinum plate to solid 18Kt gold, all of Lilou’s creations are hand-set with precious, semi-precious stones and/or Swarovski crystals; all depending on the customer’s desires, personal taste and budget.